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Do not forget to visit the Reserve, we are the best Hotel Pisco near Paracas, we invite you to visit us, the Pisqueño sea awaits you

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  • Paracas: The Paracas National Reserve is definitely a place to visit.
  • Ballestas Islands: These islands are the refuge of sea lions and various birds, this place allows you to appreciate these species in their environment safely.
  • The Cathedral: is a rock formation that was caused by marine erosion. The concave shape of its structure, reminiscent of cathedral domes, hence its name.
  • The Candelabra: It is a large geoglyph, designed on the sand, according to some, it allows us to distinguish a relationship with the Nasca and Pampas de Jumana lines.
  • Tambo Colorado: they are the archaeological remains of a very well preserved Inca urban center, they are located half an hour from the city of Pisco on the road to Ayacucho or "Vía de Los Libertadores".

Why to book a room at the Peru Hotel & Suites Pisco?

Peru Hotel & Suites in Pisco is undoubtedly the best hotels pisco near the Plaza de Armas, its strategic location, good service and excellent atmosphere make it the best option when reserving a hotel room in Pisco.

Which hotels in Plaza de Armas is the best in Pisco?

Plaza de Armas is undoubtedly one of the most important places in the city of Pisco, its surroundings are the headquarters of the best banks, in addition to the church of San Clemente that was rebuilt after the 2007 earthquake, among the 3 best Pisco hotels near Plaza de Armas we find:

Peru Hotel & Suite Pisco
Piscomar Peru
Starlight Inn

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What is the best hotel in Pisco Peru?

Pisco Hotels is undoubtedly Perú Hotel & Suites Pisco the best hotel in Pisco, it has been a hotel career for more than 15 years, providing security and comfort to our guests

What is the best area to book a hotel in Pisco?

The best area of ​​Pisco to reserve a hotel is the Plaza de Armas of Pisco, because this is a central place, surrounded by the main banks, very safe and within walking distance of the Paracas National Reserve.

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What is the distance from Pisco to Paracas?

The distance between Pisco and Paracas is 15 km.

hotels in pisco near paracas

PERU HOTEL & SUITES PISCO, is very close to Paracas, just 15 km away in the best area of ​​the city, close to the main tourist sites of Pisco.